Emission ServicesLongLife Automotive provides complete auto emission service, and repair at our Miami automotive repair shop. The emission specialists at our Miami shop know that the auto emission system in your car or truck is what ensures the efficient and clean performance of your vehicle's engine under all types of operating and Miami driving conditions. A flashing light on the dashboard may be indicative of an emission system problem with your auto that is in need of immediate attention to avoid poor fuel mileage performance and to prevent unwanted automotive pollutants from entering the atmosphere. There are a variety of factors that contribute to the wear and tear of the auto emission system, including driving habits, atmospheric conditions, mileage, the age of your car or truck, spark plug electrode material, service history, poor spark and bad fuel, and damaged or worn sensors.

Other Services for Emission System include the following:

  • Evap Repair
  • Catalytic Converter
  • Engine Tuneup
  • EGR Repair
  • EGR Vacum Solenoid
  • EGR Valve Solenoid
  • Emissions Testing
  • Fuel Pressure Sensor

PCV Valve Replacement Service:

LongLife Automotive can perform a few simple vacuum tests to determine if the PCV valve is functioning properly or if valve needs to be replaced.

Benefits of LongLife Automotive PCV Valve Replacement:

  • Vacuum test if PCV valve is functioning properly
  • Replace PCV valve if valve is stuck in open or closed position
  • Improve engine timing and performance
  • Prevent pressure buildup in crankcase and possible gasket failure