Is your drivetrain making a grinding noise? Does it feel as if it's wobbling or slipping?

Transmission repair is our specialty so you can rely on us for experienced advice and quality service for your vehicle’s drivetrain.

To understand what your technician is doing, we've outlined the basic checks he must perform in order to make an accurate diagnosis.

Diagnosing and repairing your vehicle is our top priority. In order to do that, however, we need to identify the cause of your complaint. That's why our diagnostic procedure includes a few simple questions and a road test. The purpose of the road test is to duplicate and verify your complaint while evaluating the overall condition of the drive train.

These are services that we offer

  • Transmission flush
  • Transmission flush and drain
  • Transmission fluid
  • Auto clutch
  • Automatic transmission fluid flush
  • Transmission fluid flushing
  • Cheap transmission repair
  • Automatic Auto transmission fluids
  • Drivetrain fluid change
  • Drivetrain fluid flush
  • Drivetrain fluid exchange

Our Customers Are!

BMW dealers, Nissan dealers, Mitsubishi dealers, Pontiac dealers, jeep dealers, lincoln dealers, GMC dealers, Dodge dealers, Buick dealers, Chrysler dealers, Volvo & Saab dealers, Volkswagen & Audi dealers, Mercedes dealers, Mazda dealers, Ford dealers, Cheverolet dealers, Toyota dealers and the entire transmission trade throughout the Miami area.

Drivetrain Fluid Change

Drivetrain Fluid Change includes draining the worn transmission fluid along with any suspended contaminants and then refilling the system with new transmission fluid that matches your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations.

Benefits of LongLife Automotive Drivetrain Fluid Change

  • Drains worn drivetrain fluid along with harmful suspended contaminants

  • Helps prevent drivetrain damage due to fluid breakdown

  • Helps improve drivetrain performance and gear shifting