Automotive and Transmission Repair

AAA ApprovedAutomobile repairs, transmission repairs, tire repairs, clutch repairs, radiator repairs, air conditioning services, brake repairs, electrical repairs, full engine replacements or simple tuneups — we can do them all! When picking the right automotive repair shop for your vehicle's needs, it all boils down to trust. Finding the right repair shop in Miami that will always offer you the highest quality service and parts is important, and we understand that. At LongLife Automotive, we have been serving the entire Miami area for over three decades. This includes North Miami, Miami Beach, and the city of Miami! We are also proud to be considered a AAA Certified Auto Repair Service location.

When you are in need of a dependable, affordable, and trustworthy auto repair shop in Miami, consider LongLife Automotive as your solution. We go out of our way to hire mechanics with the most education and experience, who have the ability to overhaul any part of your vehicle, getting you back to life as quickly as humanly possible. We will do the repairs you need, in the time we promise, at the lowest rates possible.

Here are just some of the most popular services we offer for your vehicle:

  • Used Engine Replacement
  • Brand New Engine Replacement
  • Replacing Engine Gaskets
  • A Tune-up of Your Engine
  • We can replace engines with used engines, or re-manufactured engines
  • We specialize in Pontiac, Honda, and Nissan Maxima engines
  • Complete Brake Repairs
  • Replacing Your Brake Pads
  • Repairing Electrical Issues within Your Vehicle
  • Replacing Your Transmission
  • Replacing Your Clutch with Nissan, Mazda, Toyota, or Honda Clutches
  • Rebuilding Your Transmission
  • Replacing Transmissions with Used Transmissions
  • Repairing Car Windows
  • Repairing Your Vehicle's Air Conditioner
  • Repairing Overheating Issues or Coolant Leaks


If you buy the specific parts you need for your vehicle, we will install those parts.
We replace your brake pads for $25 per wheel.
We replace your rotors for $15 per wheel.

Brake Services
Our brake services include pads, discs, and shoe replacement on both the front and the rear wheels. We can also machine from discs onsite.

Oil and Lube Services
We are able to offer lubes and oil changes, along with tune-ups, and complete safety inspections with each vehicle we service.

Clutch Services
We can repair or replace manual gear boxes, and we can even perform same-day clutch replacements.

Radiator Services
We perform pressure tests on your radiator, we will inspect all hoses for any leaks, check the coolant level, the belt tensioner, and we check over the water pump looking for any leaks.

Engine Services
We will clean your fuel injectors, complete a full tune-up of your engine, a check of the air intake system, and inspect each of your fuel lines.

Fuel Injector Services
We will use the latest equipment for electronic diagnoses of your fuel injection system, to ensure peak performance.

Transmission Services
We offer transmission repairs and full replacements as necessary.

Engine Repair Services
We can replace your engine, or perform a minor or a major engine repair.

Exhaust Services
We will inspect your entire exhaust system for any type of damage or leaks. When necessary, we will use quality mufflers to replace old or broken parts.

Suspension Services Repair
We inspect the suspension of your vehicle for damage or wear, installing quality parts when replacements are necessary.